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Its been more than a year since the world was rocked at its foundation. What people thought was a way of life soon showed the ugliness of what humanity had become.





Desperate to have more of things

Although this depressing thought would cover most humans, among it all sprung a wonderful surprise. People began putting down their phones, tablets and various digital play toys and really looked around. Social media started to show different views of the world. Instead of the self-centred selfies, the focus went from self to others, helping those who couldn’t help themselves.

Instead of the million posts of a persons day showing places frequented, events attended, and the superficial existence led. The world was enlightened about what others were doing, were going or not going, of those needing help within the neighbourhood or community and those who just needed a friend. To a point, faith in the goodness of humanity was restored.

Life became slower, more, richer. Instead of the daily rush of getting somewhere, doing something, to be “someone”. Life stood still, the planet could breathe, creation could find space and Time to be what they were meant to be, humanity had Time to notice the beauty and wonder around them. Yet, out of all of these realisations came one obvious thing.

Time is short.


The one thing that:

rules night and day

never stands still and

without it, we cannot define days, nights, seasons, months, weeks, years, or even moments.

It is something, an unseen living entity. When gone, it is irretrievable. Something so precious it is thought of as the ultimate gift. Something that people want more than anything else. Something that defines decisions, regrets, the aching heart or the elatedness of love.

Without it, there is nothing that defines the world we live in. However, if you have more of it on your hands, there is so much you can do.

If all the requirements of society were taken away, there were no worries, no cares and absolutely no financial commitments … what would you do?

Would you be looking for the next adventure?

Would you be doing something that made a difference to the people and animals around you?

Would you find the first mandate humanity was given and follow through with that?

How would you spend what is left of your Time?

In the past few years, everyone has experienced the sudden loss of a loved one, colleague, friend, neighbour, family member, or even lost something of yourself. 

No one is immune to the experience death and loss brings. No longer can anyone on this planet say they have empathy without understanding for someone who has lost someone dear. No longer can we say we do not know the taste of poverty, sickness, hardship, or heartache. No longer can we fail to understand what the planets impoverished and poor live with every day, human or animal.

Two things in life are no respecter for persons, popularity, wealth, health, or position.

Time and Death.

Death will knock on your door when you least expect it. When that happens, you will no longer have Time.

Until that happens, what are you doing with your Time?

Is it something worth doing?

Are you spending your Time by existing or living?

I choose to live … I decide to use my Time to inspire, love, be generous with my blessings, be the best version of me to enhance not only my life but the lives of those in my world.

Make your decision before you run out of Time.

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