Loss … processing and moving forward

Loss. Bone deep, heart-wrenching pain leaving you staring dry-eyed while you scream inside. There is nothing anyone can say or do or try that will bring you back from it until you feel the jerk of your heartbeat and you inhale deeply enough that your lungs work.
It doesn’t have to be something huge like someone you lost or something you lost. It could be simple enough as a friendship or a treasured item, but the kind of loss causes elemental pain.

Remember a few things: it’s okay to feel, grieve, and process. Just don’t obsess.

Give yourself a specific time frame to grieve. Go all out, ice cream, isolation, loads of tissues, loads of alcohol and sad movies that jerk those tears from your eyes. Allow yourself to do this all, but when the alarm clock chimes on the designated date, you need to stop … shower, shave and show up. This doesn’t mean that you bury how you feel or what some things mean to you … it means that you give a time and date to the end of your wallowing and then find meaning and purpose once again.
The process has value, but it doesn’t mean that you forget your loss. It means that you learn from it.
Learn the value of having that person in your life, remember the lessons you learnt, remember: the joy and the good times you had, that they live with you as a part of you, part of your past, part of what made you.

The key to moving on from grief is to allow yourself to love them even though they are gone.

Society dictates that you be strong. You do not allow your emotions to show; you do not allow yourself to feel.
Some cultures frown on emotions; they see them as a sign of weakness, but here is a thought.
Why were we designed to cry if emotions are a sign of weakness? Shed tears when we feel angry, sad, frustrated or overwhelmed?

Feeling emotions and displaying them is something we are all allowed to do. There are old sayings which we call cliches’ but where did they come from?
“men don’t cry.”
“Cowboys don’t cry.”
“emotions are private.”
Those who say these cliches are uncomfortable people intimidated by others who are brave enough to display emotion publically, who do not want to acknowledge that their actions produce feelings, which causes someone to cry.
It makes people remember to feel and acknowledge that others are affected by their thoughtless brutality.

Most of all. It reminds humanity that there is something else worth living for than themselves, frightening for most. For others, it’s a reminder of our purpose on this earth. We are not living for ourselves.

The best thing to do while recovering from a heart-wrenching loss is to focus on those who need more than you do. Be content with what you have and find how to help others less fortunate than yourself.

Start Strong, Be Strong

Mid-January and life is … life. Is there any other way to put it? The crazy season and all the festivities are over. The children are preparing to go back to school, teenagers to high school and young adults to embrace where ever their post-education path takes them. Everything is focused on the younger generations. What about those who are over 30?

Life is in chaos everywhere you look. Many people offer enough self-help that would get you into another life and world with words that churn like a raging storm through your mind. It’s an unending onslaught on the senses. Gone are the days where life was easy and slow. Everything is fast, instant, continuously moving, and there is no time to watch the grass grow, sunset or rise without a plan, a purpose or a cause. Why is there always a reason we do something instead of simply doing it because we want to experience what we are seeing, tasting, hearing or touching?

Contrary to what we are taught as children, there is nothing wrong with sitting still. There is nothing wrong with watching the sunrise or sunset, listening to the bird’s chirp, leisurely walking on a beach or through a forest. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sitting in your favourite coffee shop enjoying your favourite beverage. Time can stand still to your senses, and your body can relax in these moments. To be whole, we need these times.

Rising early before sunrise and allowing the silence of my home sink into my senses while drinking my favourite French Roast coffee is a moment I cherish. A favourite moment is when everyone is still sleeping. I get to do a quick exercise routine or enjoy a shower that makes me feel as though I’m standing under a waterfall in nature. Watching the sunrise in Summer while feeling the cool breeze of the nearby ocean brush against my face and play with my hair, tasting the salt on the air—all moments where beauty and nature engage the senses. Peace fills me, and my soul sighs while I smile at my good fortune to be able to engage all five of my senses in this beautiful world we have been gifted.

What makes you stop and be? What makes you smile and think today will be a good day.

A New Year … A New Start

Dawn woke the world with a cloud-filled sky and an icy chill in the air. The Gregorian calendar tells me it’s the first day of a new year, but deep within, it feels like another day to live, love, laugh, and be. Sadly, it takes everyone controlled by a killer virus, while governments implement more control over the world’s populations, for us to look around and realise we are in a bad place. Never mind the bad choices we have made regarding our eternal life.

We make resolutions we never keep. We abuse our bodies, minds and souls. Instead of having a relationship with the Creator who made us and made a solution to be part of His family, we stay busy with things. We willingly walk into a trap set by His enemy which we enjoy until it’s too late for us to get out. The cost of that trap is not having eternity with our Creator.

Fortunately, we wake the following day, have another chance to change, make changes by asking for forgiveness, and be spiritually, mentally, and soulistical cleaned. We have a chance at a new start; we can be different, allowing our minds and souls cleansing and renewal through His instruction, guidance and love. It is up to us to make that decision to allow Him to be part of our life.

He made us all with the ability of choice, and we squander that for the right to live; it has become a currency for others to control us. We have become like laboratory specimens. We are nothing more than assets that are expendable to other humans under the control of one who does not want us to have an eternity with our Creator.

The fight for our souls continues. We have become distracted from the enemies actual target. Instead of choosing to take back control over our hearts, souls, and minds, we are giving ourselves away. We are not making decisions with absolutes but with feelings and thoughts. We need to keep morality alive in the absolute of what’s right and wrong, instead of selling a piece of our soul with the selling pitch “do what makes you happy”.

The saying “knowledge is power” has never been more accurate than today. If you do not know the origin of why we are living like we are, find out. We are so far off the path this world was supposed to walk. Instead of happiness, joy, plenty for all, the purity and beauty God created was twisted and manipulated into something for men to control and harm others. It’s not what God meant our lives to be.

Fortunately, we still have a choice. God made us with that ability. If we choose to sell our souls to Satan, we do not have a life with God; instead, there will be one of pain and suffering for eternity. But we are protected and part of His family if we choose to live for God and have a relationship through His son Jesus Christ.

Do not be distracted. Be aware of what is happening. We are not alone or left to fend for ourselves. His book warns us, guides us and teaches us. He is with us if we ask it of Him. We know the enemy strategy and intent. We know in our hearts and souls we are under attack from evil. We know we just need to speak the words asking for help, forgiveness and redemption. We know we have the power to choose. Therefore, what choice you going to make?