The Feeling of Success

The day arrived. Self publishing accomplished. The Publish button has been pushed …. it is out there.

The journey has been completed. My dream of writing a novel has finally come true and it is out there.

Those haunting words … it is out there … makes my breath catch in my throat and my heart pound faster. At the same time excitement flows through me and I’m ready for the next adventure.

The adventure of my first complete novel has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. Excitement, determination, inspiration, frustration, amazement, fear, self-doubt and exhilaration. The spectrum of a writer who has a passion for the written word and a story or two to tell.

Seeing my book available for sale does not take away the feeling that some may not like it. I am reminded of my writing mentors words … your story is not for everyone, its for those who find it entertaining, for those to whom it speaks and for those who fall in love with your world and your characters. A writer cannot please everyone … we are writers to tell stories we are inspired to tell.

For the Writer out there that wishes to become an Author. Never give up. Never give in. Drink the drink that gets you there, eat the food that keeps you going, find that place that inspires you, the muse that keeps your creative juices going and continue to write your story.

One day … it will be out there.